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Third win for France in an Antholz Relay

As already in the Antholz Biathlon World Cups 2012 and 2013 this year's Men's relay was won by the French relay team.


Date: 19.01.2014

As already in the Antholz Biathlon World Cups 2012 and 2013 this year’s Men’s relay was won by the French relay team, closely followed by the teams from Sweden and Germany. The French stood out in this last competition before the Winter Olympics in Sochi, after having failed to make a place on the podium in all the three preceding relay races this season. Germany won the Relay World Cup.

Followed by a huge crowd of spectators the race began with a great start of the Italian team, with Daniel Taschler who left the shooting range after the first session ahead of all others. Then the lead was taken over by Canada, Norway, Germany, and France. At the first handover the Scandinavians were ahead, and their athlete in the second lap, Henrik L’Abee Lund, who had been third in Saturday’s individual race, managed to leave his competitors far behind. The Italian team ended up in seventh place with Christian De Lorenzi, who reached his handover with a delay of almost 2 minutes.

Norway was in the lead during the third lap until Martin Eng completely lost concentration in the shooting range and got two penalty loops. He was overtaken first by France, then Sweden, then Germany who all reached the last handover with a good lead before the rivals. The Italian team collapsed completely and had to walk out: Christian Martinelli was so inaccurate that he ended up with  five penalty rounds which put the Italian team out of the competition.


Thrilling final

There were three contenders for first place, Martin Fourcade, Simon Schempp, and Carl Johan Bergman. The latter and the Frenchman left their first shooting session first with some advantage over the German who had won both the sprint and the pursuit races in Antholz. The race was eventually decided in the last shooting session. Martin Fourcade did a superb job and detached Carl Johan Bergman just as much as necessary, while the Swede, though being accurate, was not as fast as the World Cup leader. Victory went to France, for the third time in a row in an Antholz Men’s Relay, followed by Sweden and Germany.


Men’s Relay World Cup goes to Germany

The Antholz race was the last relay competition of this World Cup season. With the results obtained in the snow of the Pustertal valley Germany and Sweden ended the season with a draw in first place in the ranking with 194 points each. The Cup goes to Germany because of their better placements, two second and one third place opposed to two second and one fourth places of the Swedes.



Results Biathlon World Cup Antholz (Sunday 19 January  2014)


Men’s Relay 4x7,5 km

1. France 1:14,34.,1 (0+4)

 (Simon Fourcade, Alexis Boeuf, Jean Guillaume Beatrix, Martin Fourcade)

2. Sweden +2.6 (1+5)

(Tobias Arwidson, Bjoern Ferry, Fredrik Lindstroem, Carl Johan Bergman)

3. Germany +38.8 (1+10)

(Erik Lesser, Andreas Birnbacher, Arnd Peiffer, Simon Schempp)

4. Norway +1,34.6 (2+11)

(Alexander Os, Henrik L'Abee-Lund, Martin Eng, Erlend Bjoentegaard)

5. Austria +2,33.4 (0+8)

(Christoph Sumann, Friedrich Pinter, Simon Eder, Dominik Landertinger)

6. Canada +2,41.4 (2+11)

(Jean-Philippe Le Guellec, Scott Perras, Brendan Green, Nathan Smith)

7. Belarus +3,00.0 (0+10)

(Sergey Novikov, Vladimir Chepelin, Aliaksandr Darozhka, Evgeny Abramenko)

8. Russia +3,05.0 (1+13)

(Ivan Tcherezov, Alexey Slepov, Andrei Makoveev, Timofey Lapshin)

9. Switzerland +4,22.8 (2+12)

(Benjamin Weger, Claudio Böckli Claudio, Ivan Joller, Simon Hallenbarter)

10. Slovakia  +4,41.5 (1+12)

(Pavol Hurajt, Tomas Hasilla, Matej Kazar, Miroslav Matiasko)


withdrawn: Italy

(Daniel Taschler, Christian De Lorenzi, Christian Martinelli, Lukas Hofer)




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