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Johannes Thingnes B seems to be from another planet

With an out of this world performance Johannes Thingnes B secured his second victory in 24 hours at the Biathlon World Cup in Anterselva. As on the previous day, the Norwegian high flyer retained the upper hand in a constant duel with Martin Fourcade.


Date: 20.01.2018

Numerous spectators in the Südtirol Arena Alto Adige enjoyed an exciting final with Anton Shipulin who beat Simon Schempp in a breathtaking head to head.
The men's relay ended in a way quite similar to Saturday's pursuit, with Anton Shipulin and Simon Schempp competing for 1 place. Just like in the individual race the Russian beat the German winning the long sprint beneath the grandstand of the Südtirol Arena Alto Adige and presenting his team with the second team victory this season.
For Russia, the astonishing Anterselva week brought no less than four first place: two in the women's races, with Olga Podchufarova (sprint) and Ekaterina Yurlova (pursuit) and two in the men's races, with Anton Shipulin (pursuit) and the relay.
Behind Russia and Germany, 3 place went to Norway, winner of the last World Cup race in Ruhpolding and last year's relay in Anterselva. The Skandinavians were ahead at the last changeover, but in the end Erlend Bjoentegaard had to recharge four times and was unable to hold on to his position.

Italy in 16th place

There was no happy end for the local team. After a solid and accomplished opening lap by Christian De Lorenzi and a sensational lap by Lukas Hofer (second runner), the Italians were in first place after the first half of the race. Then, Giuseppe Montello could not stand the pressure of his first World Cup relay and faced major difficulties at his first shooting session. The race was concluded by Dominik Windisch, who crossed the finish with pretty much the same delay as at the last changeover.

Biathlon World Cup in Antholz

Relay men, 4x7.5 km

1. Russia 1:12.42.8 (0 penalty loops + 7 recharges)
(Maxim Tsvetkov, Evgeniy Garanichev, Dmitry Malyshko, Anton Shipulin)
2. Germany +1.0 (1+4)
(Erik Lesser, Benedikt Doll, Arnd Peiffer, Simon Schempp)
3. Norway +22.9 (0+7)
(Ole Einar Bjoerndalen, Lars Helge Birkeland, Johannes Thingnes Boe, Erlend Bjoentegaard)
4. Austria +1.01.7 (1+11)
(Sven Grossegger, Julian Eberhard, Simon Eder, Dominik Landertinger)
5. France +1.39.3 (0+11)
(Simon Fourcade, Quentin Fillon Maillet, Simon Desthieux, Jean Guillaume Beatrix)
6. USA +1.43,7 (1+13)
(Lowell Bailey, Tim Burke, Leif Nordgren, Sean Doherty)
7. Slovakia +1.56.9 (0+6)
(Matej Kazar, Tomas Hasilla, Miroslav Matiasko, Martin Otcenas)
8. Czech Republic+2.00.9 (0+13)
(Tomas Krupcik, Michal Slesingr, Jaroslav Soukup, Michal Krcmar)
9. Switzerland +2.17,3 (2+13)
(Serafin Wiestner, Benjamin Weger, Jeremy Finello, Mario Dolder)
10. Estonia +2.23,2 (0+9)
(Rene Zahkna, Kauri Koiv, Roland Lessing, Kalev Ermits)

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