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Johannes Thingnes B keeps Martin Fourcade in check

Norwegian biathletes continue to deliver an extraordinary show at the World Cup in Anterselva: 24 hours after Tiril Eckhoff's surprising victory, her compatriot Johannes Thingnes B won the men's Sprint. He came first in a duel with this constant rival Martin Fourcade.


Date: 19.01.2018

In wonderful winter weather, the 24-year-old exceptional athlete was on top form on the cross-country ski tracks around the Südtirol Arena Alto Adige. He missed two shots, but thanks to his outstanding fitness, he quickly made up for the time lost in the penalty circuit and eventually crossed the finish at 23:19.3 minutes. This should be enough for the seventh victory of the season, because none of his competitors were able to match his time, not even French superstar Martin Fourcade. He was 13 second slower than Bø, but with his second place was able to defend his lead in the overall World Cup, immediately ahead of the Norwegian winner of today’s stage.

Also on the podium stood the German Arnd Peiffer, whose rifle work was as immaculate as Fourcade’s and who was able to celebrate his first podium finish in this Olympic winter, supported by the thunderous applause of the numerous German fans. Peiffer relegated Anton Shipulin, who is traditionally extraordinarily strong in Anterselva, to fourth place.


Windisch strong in the tracks

Local biathletes were only able to watch the fight for podium places on the big screen. Numerous errors in the shooting range ended their hopes. The best Italian was local athlete Dominik Windisch from Rasun. In tricky wind conditions during the first shooting he missed four times and fell back to 99th place. Subsequently, however, he made no more errors and pushed ahead to 17th place thanks to an impressive performance on skis. His team mate Lukas Hofer had to ski three penalty circuits but finished in 27th place and still scored World Cup points. Giuseppe Montello, who came in in 47th place, qualified for Saturday’s Pursuit race, while the other two Italians, Thierry Chenal (65th) and Thomas Bormolini (78th) finished much further down in the rankings.


The World Cup programme in Anterselva continues on Saturday at 1:30 pm. The first event will be the women’s Pursuit, followed by the men’s race at 3:00 pm. Any biathlon fan now wanting to see the race is out of luck. The tickets are completely sold out.


Results Biathlon World Cup Anterselva (ITA):

Sprint Men, 10 km

  1. Johannes Thingnes Bø (NOR) 23:19.3 minutes (1 miss)
  2. Martin Fourcade (FRA) + 12,8 (0)
  3. Arnd Peiffer (GER) +42,2 (0)
  4. Anton Shipulin (RUS) +46,3 (1)
  5. Emilien Jacquelin (FRA) +53,7 (0)
  6. Lars Helge Birkeland (NOR) +1:07,.8 (0)
  7. Julian Eberhard (AUT) +1:21,7 (2)
  8. Anton Babikov (RUS) +1:27,8 (0)
  9. Vladimir Chepelin (BLR) +1:32,3 (1)
  10. Ondrej Moravec (CZE) +1:35,4 (0)

  1. Dominik Windisch (ITA/Rasun) +1:55,5 (4)
  2. Lukas Hofer (ITA/Montal) +2:05,.7 (3)
  3. Giuseppe Montello (ITA) +2:31,9 (1)
  4. Thierry Chenal (ITA) +2:57,8 (0)
  5. Thomas Bormolini (ITA) +3:20,3 (3)



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