22.01.2022 - Norwegians triumph in the relay

22.01.2022 - Norwegians triumph in the relay

On Saturday afternoon Norway won its first victory of this weekend at the Biathlon World Cup in Antholz.

22.01.2022 - Norwegians triumph in the relay
The Scandinavians won the 4x6-km women's relay thanks to a super strong performance by final skier Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold. Second place went to France. Russia took 3rd place ahead of hosts Italy in a thrilling battle with hundredths-seconds difference.

Following this morning’s two podium finishes by Johannes Thingnes Bø and Sturla Holm Laegreid in the men's mass start, the Norwegian women's relay team took the first gold this weekend in the Südtirol Arena just a few hours later. Norway, who started without the overall World Cup leader Marte Olsbu Røiseland, was for a long time not in the top field but caught up eventually. Ida Lien and the final skier Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold were particularly accurate in the shooting range and both were very strong on the skis.

Today's team competition was only decided in the final round. Lucie Charvatova went into the last loop almost at the same time as Tandrevold, when the Czech athlete had an unfortunate fall just before the last shooting. This cleared the path for Tandrevold, who stayed calm and collected in the shooting range and brought home the Norwegian victory. In the end, the Norwegians won with 24 seconds ahead of Russia, who took silver despite three penalty loops. For Norway it is the first podium finish this winter.

Behind Norway and Russia, Anais Bescond from France and Federica Sanfilippo from Ridanna fought an incredibly exciting head-to-head duel in the fight for bronze. Sanfilippo was still far behind in the final round, but made up metre by metre. In the end, however, she was defeated by her opponent in a photo finish. An incredible performance from the South Tyroleans and the entire Italian team. Lisa Vittozzi (who missed 12 targets in the individual), local athlete Dorothea Wierer and young Samuela Comola also shot fast and unerringly. In the end, the team missed the first podium of the season by only a fraction. Fifth place went to the surprisingly strong team from the USA. The bitterly disappointed Czech team only finished sixth.

The World Cup in Antholz will end on Sunday with the men's 4x7.5-km relay (12:10) and the women's mass start (15:15).

Biathlon World Cup Antholz

Women’s relay 4x6 km
1. Norway (Karoline Offigstad Knotten, Tiril Eckhoff, Ida Lien, Indrig Landmark Tandrevold) 1.12.54,1 (1+10)
2. Russia (Valeri Vasnetcova, Kristina Reztsova, Irina Kazakevich, Uliana Nigmatullina) +24,6 (3+12)
3. France (Chloe Chevalier, Justine Braisaz-Bouchet, Paula Botet, Anais Bescond) +32,6 (0+13)
4. Italy (Lisa Vittozzi, Dorothea Wierer, Samuela Comola, Federica Sanfilippo) +32,6 (0+13)
5. USA (Susan Dunklee, Clare Egan, Deedra Irving, Joanne Reid) +50,1 (0+13)
6. Czech Republic (Jessica Jislova, Tereza Vobornikova, Marketa Davidova, Lucie Charvatova) +59,8 (0+8)
7. Switzerland (Amy Baserga, Lena Häcki, Elisa Gasparin, Selina Gasparin) +1.03,7 (1+11)
8. Germany (Anna Weidl, Franziska Hildbrand, Janina Hettich,Hanna Kebinger) +1.08,2 (0+13)
9. Finland (Suvi Minkkinen, Mari Eder, Erika Janka, Nastassia Kinnunen) +1.18,9 (0+10)
10. Poland (Monika Hojnisz-Starega, Kamila Zuk, Kinga Zbylut, Anna Maka) +1.36,0 (1+13)
11. Ukraine (Valentina Semerenko, Darya Blashko, Yuliia Dzhima, Olena Bilosiuk) +1.50,9 (1+10)
12. Canada (Emma Lunder, Sarah Beaudry, Emily Dickson, Megan Bankes) +2.09,7 (0+11)
13. Belarus (Dzinara Alimbekava, Iryna Leshchanka, Elena Kruchinkina, Hana Sola) +2.39,5 (3+14)
14. Sweden (Mona Brorsson, Ingela Andersson, Johanna Skottheim, Annie Lind) +3.20,0 (1+5)

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