22.01.2023 - The French women finish strong in the relay

22.01.2023 - The French women finish strong in the relay

France claimed its first victory at the Biathlon World Cup in the Antholzertal valley on Sunday around midday.

22.01.2023 - The French women finish strong in the relay
Thanks to a fantastic showing, “LaGrande Nation” won the 4x6 km women's relay well ahead of Sweden. Germany finished third ahead of the Italian hosts.

On the final day of competition in Antholz, spectators witnessed a high-class team event dominated by France's women. First-leg skier Lou Jeanmonnot, the Chevalier sisters Anais and Chloe, and anchor leg Julia Simon performed sensationally, especially at the shooting range where they only had to reload twice as a team. After Hochfilzen, this is the "Bleus"' second relay gold in four World Cup competitions this winter.

Second place, trialling by 45 seconds, went to the sportswomen from Sweden, who also performed well but didn't stand a chance against the amazing French women today. After France and Sweden finished, Germany, Italy and Austria engaged in a thrilling neck-and-neck battle for third place, which was finally won by the German biathletes. Lisa Vittozzi, Italy's anchor-leg skier, was only nine seconds behind Hanna Kebinger after the final shooting stage, but she was not able to catch up. The "Azzurra", who is in strong form, made it exciting again for a short time, but in the end Germany took bronze. Nonetheless, the entire Italian team delivered a fantastic performance. First-leg skier Rebecca Passler from Antholz stayed clean. For her part, local hero Dorothea Wierer shot quickly but missed three targets, while Hannah Auchentaller had to ski a penalty loop in the standing stage, which probably cost Italy a medal. Austria, meanwhile, finished in 5th place.

The 2023 Biathlon World Cup in Antholz will come to a close at 2:30 pm with the men's relay race. From a South Tyrolean point of view, all eyes will be on Patrick Braunhofer from Ridnaun.

Biathlon World Cup Antholz

Women’s 4x6 km relay
1. France (Lou Jeanmonnot, Anais Chevalier-Bouchet, Chloe Chevalier, Julia Simon) 1:07:21 (0+2)
2. Sweden (Linn Person, Magnusson Anna, Oeberg Hanna, Oeberg Elvira) +45.2 (0+8)
3 Germany (Vanessa Voigt, Sophia Schneider, Janina Hettich-Walz, Hanna Kebinger) +1:16.9 (0+10)
4. Italy (Rebecca Passler, Dorothea Wierer, Hannah Auchentaller, Lisa Vittozzi) +1:30.4 (1+6)
5. Austria (Zdouc Dunja, Gandler Anna, Juppe Anna, Schwaiger Julia) +1:56.1 (0+3)
6. Norway (Ragnhild Femsteinevik, Ida Lien, Marte Olsbu Roiseland, Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold) +2:35.4 (3+9)
7. Switzerland (Aita Gasparin, Elisa Gasparin, Lea Meier, Lena Haecki-Gross) +3:13.2 (0+7)
8. Canada (Emma Lunder, Nadua Niser, Benita Peiffer, Emily Dickson) +3:42.1 (0+6)
9. Ukraine (Anna Kryvonos, Yuliia Dzhima, Olena Bilosiuk, Anastasiya Merkushyna) +3:49.0 (0+6)
10. Czech Republic (Tereza Vobornikova, Jessica Jislova, Marketa Davidova, Lucie Charvatova) +4:12.7 (2+13)
22.01.2023 - The French women finish strong in the relay
22.01.2023 - The French women finish strong in the relay
22.01.2023 - The French women finish strong in the relay
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