23.01.2021 - French Team Giving A Great Show in Relay

23.01.2021 - French Team Giving A Great Show in Relay

At least since Saturday, “la Grande Nation” has put its seal on the biathlon world cup in the Antholz valley.

23.01.2021 - French Team Giving A Great Show in Relay
The French team has won the 4x7.5km men’s relay thanks to a terrific finish of Emilien Jacquelin in front of Norway and Russia. Italy has finished in good fifth place, behind Germany.

After Julia Simon’s victory in the mass start women, the French men took the first place in the men’s relay just a few hours later. They have already been victorious in this discipline at the world championships here in Antholz one year ago. Antonin Guigonnat, second in the WCH sprint, Quentin Fillon Maillet, Simon Desthieux and final leg runner Emilien Jacquelin have been in the lead group from start to finish. They have been excellent at the range and their skiing performance was just as good.

However, today’s relay competition has been decided only on the final lap. Superstar and world cup dominator Johannes Thingnes Bø took to the final lap as leader but then the incredible catch-up of Emilien Jacquelin. The pursuit world champion of Antholz was trailing the Norwegian by 3.7 seconds first. However, he kept up the pace and overtook Bø in the finish. In the end, he won 8 tenth of a second in front of Bø. After Oberhof, it has been the second relay victory for France this season.

Behind France and Norway, the Russian team made it to the podium as well. The team around Alexander Loginov has even been in second place until the second to last shooting. However, Eduard Latypov had to reload three times at the final standing shooting. Finally, they finished in third place, trailing the winner by 50.8 seconds, just in front of Germany (+54.4 seconds).

“Azzurri“ on course for the podium for a long time

Until half-time of the race it seemed like the host nation would be able to have a say in the podium distribution. Didier Bionaz and Tommaso Giacomel shot tremendously fast and reliable (only two reloads) and they handed over to Thomas Bormolini in second place. “The “Azzurro” has not been able to keep the position but he still showed a solid performance. The runner of the final leg, Dominik Windisch from Rasen who took on the race in fifth place and was able to defend this position until the finish. A remarkable feat, if one considers that the strong Lukas Hofer from Montal has been spared for tomorrow’s mass start and, therefore, did not start today.

The world cup of Antholz will finish with the 4x6km relay competition women (12.45h) and the mass start men (15.05h).

Biathlon World Cup Antholz

Relay Competition Men 4x7,5 km
1. France (Antonin Giugonnat, Quentin Fillon Maillet, Simon Desthieux, Emilien Jacquelin) 1:14.25,8 (0+9)
2. Norway (Sturla Holm Laegreid, Johannes Dale, Tarjei Bø, Johannes Thingnes Bø) +0,8 (1+9)
3. Russia (Anton Babikov, Matvey Eliseev, Alexander Loginov, Eduard Latypov) +50,8 (1+7)
4. Germany (Erik Lesser, Roman Rees, Arnd Peiffer, Benedikt Doll) +54,4 (0+6)
5. Italy (Didier Bionaz, Tommaso Giacomel, Thomas Bormolini, Dominik Windisch) +1:55,1 (0+7)
6. Austria (David Komatz, Simon Eder, Felix Leitner, Julian Eberhard) +2:19,0 (0+10)
7. Finland (Toumas Harjula, Tero Seppala, Jaakko Ranta, Olli Hiidensalo) +2:30,9 (0+9)
8. Ukraine (Artem Pryma, Dmytro Pidruchnyi, Artem Tyschenko, Anton Dudchenko) +2:36,9 (0+8)
9. Canada (Adam Runnalls, Scott Gow, Trevor Kiers, Christian Gow) +2:57,4 (1+10)
10. Slovenia (Rok Trsan, Jakov Fak, Miha Dovzan, Alex Cisar) +3:26,0 (0+8)
23.01.2021 - French Team Giving A Great Show in Relay
23.01.2021 - French Team Giving A Great Show in Relay
23.01.2021 - French Team Giving A Great Show in Relay
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