OC Antholz

OC Antholz

Organizing Chart

The Organizing Committee consists of the following members:

Managing Executives

Lorenz Leitgeb President OC
Rudolf Wieser Vice President - TV Supervision
Bernhard Antenhofer Vice President / Logistic / Catering
Manuel Ortner Logistic
Martin Rainer Transport / Media Service
Erika Pallhuber Secretary General

Alex Tabarelli Chief of Media
Rudolf Wieser
TV Management
Günther Leitgeb Public Relations / Social Media
Elisabeth Berger Media Catering

Georg Kircher Chief of Competition and Stadium
Norbert Baier
Assistant Chief of Competition
Wilfried Pallhuber Shooting Range
Alois Zingerle Stadium Setup
Ulrich Zingerle Competition Tracks
Andreas Egger Competition Tracks
Katharina Leitgeb
Competition Office

Other Departments

Judith Innerkofler
Erika Pallhuber